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5 Best Regions for Investing in Residential Real Estate Business in Mumbai


Mumbai, which was once known as ‘Bombay’ is the financial capital of India. This reclining and bustling metropolitan city is one of the most famous cities of the world, but once it was just an archipelago of seven islands. Thousands of people every year rush into this city for the touch of its glamour and magic.

They come here with a desire to build a career and start new life. This city doesn’t only have the glitter of the Bollywood industry, it also has scopes for many other jobs. So, for this huge number of people which is increasing every year, there is an enormous demand for homes, office spaces in Mumbai and it has given a great uplift to the real estate sector of Mumbai, which has now become one of the most expensive property markets of the world.

The home demands of the dwellers of Mumbai have also been changing exponentially. People are aiming for luxurious and deluxe flats more than cheap ones in all the areas of Mumbai. There are some particular places in Mumbai which are considered to be gold for real estate business regarding the value of properties.

There are some very good places to live in Mumbai with many great facilities and conveniences such as good connectivity, best restaurants and hotels, best schools, colleges and hospitals, flourishing and interesting nightlife etc. for which Mumbai is top of the list for real estate investments. Moreover, Mumbai has become more safe for real estate investments for the introduction of the Real Estate Act 2016. Among all the good residential places of Mumbai, the top 5 locations to invest are-

1. Lower Parel:

Parel is popular among residents of Mumbai. Since it is a corporate hub which
is home to many corporate offices and their headquarters and most people want
to live near their workplace for saving time, energy and money, this place has
a high demand as a residential place. The huge Palladium Mall is situated here which consists of
many international brands. A good social life is also offered by this place as
it has a lot of clubs and restaurants. So, investing in real estate business in
this place can be really good for business.

Beautiful night view of Lower Parel; Image Source: indiabullsrealestate.com

2. Bandra:

has become a hotspot for residential investment since it has great connectivity
with other parts of Mumbai. It also connects Old Mumbai with the suburbs and it
is widely known as the queen of suburbs. It is also home to the next corporate
hub Bandra Kurla Complex. It has many elite people living
here who possess ravishing lifestyles. An exciting social infrastructure is
offered by this elegant place.

Bandra is an elegant seaside city; Image Source: housing.com

3. South Mumbai:

place is one of the most expensive one in Mumbai to live in. It is home for
many famous business tycoons including Ambanis and Tatas. Real estates in this
place have a very high demand despite being too much expensive, even in a global standard. That’s
why investing in real estate business of South Mumbai is very much profitable.

4. Juhu:

is one of the major locations of Mumbai and it has sound connectivity to other
parts of Mumbai. Many luxurious duplex apartments are found in this place. Many
Bollywood celebrities live in Juhu and as a result it is
famously termed as ‘Beverly Hills of Bollywood’. The demand for property is
very high here, so property business can be very beneficial here.

Aerial view of Juhu; Image Source: en.wikipedia.org

5. Worli:

is one of the best places in Mumbai to invest in a real estate business. This
place is very well connected with other commercial and residential places and
it is situated between Nariman Point and BKC. Very ravishing one of a kind
level projects are being pursued by real estate developers in this location of
Mumbai which will be consisted with high rates of duplex and other luxury homes. Sea-facing and upmarket
neighborhood will be provided by these projects, since these are the demands of
home buyers now a days.

Mumbai is a great city with lots of places with real great opportunities for real estate investments. One needs to do thorough research and select a suitable location in order to invest in this business in Mumbai.

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